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We encourage all customers or even those just browsing our website to register with as it greatly increases the range of tools available to you and your overall shopping experience, you will find them easy to use and very intuitive. Below are just some of the benefits of registering.


Your preferred billing and delivery address are kept on file to enable a quicker checkout when you decide to purchase. You can store as many delivery addresses as you wish and edit or delete them when necessary.


Any order that is placed whilst you are signed into your account will be saved in your own personal order history. You can view the content and status of any order placed with us at anytime.


An extremely handy tool to use whilst browsing, any items that interest you can be added to a wish list for purchase at another time, items can be removed from the wish list easily, and when your ready to purchase it's a simple process to add items from your wish list to your cart.


A history of items you compared whilst logged into your account is kept, useful for quickly refreshing your memory on features of products that interested you whilst browsing, items can be easily added to your wish list or shopping cart.


Registered customers are able to write reviews on products they have purchased and earn Reward Points while providing an important feedback to other potential customers on our products and services.

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